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An integrated IoT services solution for smart buildings

Introducing SenseIQ

SenseIQ gives building owners and operators the information they need to make better decisions about how to manage their buildings. The flexible, easy to use technology enables maximum visibility of key building performance data relating to aspects such as occupancy levels, indoor air quality and energy usage. With a simple to deploy integrated solution, SenseIQ has been designed to provide building owners with unique insight into how their buildings are performing and being used while providing occupants with a safer, improved user experience.

Smart technology for smart buildings

SenseIQ is comprised of four key technology features, all installed and maintained by LMG experts:

A wide range of IoT sensors
Wireless gateways
Cellular or LAN based backhaul connectivity
A cloud-based software platform for analysing and visualising real time data over a 3D building render

The IoT sensors communicate via the wireless gateways, to the SenseIQ software that resides either on the user’s enterprise network or on the cloud. Building owners and operators can choose to have the solution added to their network infrastructure or kept entirely separate.

They can then monitor temperature, humidity, indoor air quality (IAQ), and energy usage, as well as desk and room occupancy in real-time via SenseIQ’s network of IoT sensors.

Bespoke data dashboard

At the heart of SenseIQ is our bespoke, cloud-based software platform, with an accessible, intuitive dashboard. Completely tailored to each user’s needs, it allows building owners and operators to analyse, view and manage building performance data from one central hub via a web browser or mobile app.

The SenseIQ software is built around a detailed 3D render of the user’s building, allowing maximum visibility of every data point from every device, in every location. SenseIQ’s dashboard heat maps and alerts provide complete clarity as to how the building is performing against certifications, such as the WELL Building Standard, in real time.

Enabling better decisions

The benefits of SenseIQ are extensive and specifically designed to solve the issues currently faced by building owners and operators. Sense IQ offers:

Assurance that workspaces are healthy, safe, sustainable, and performing as efficiently as possible and as intended

A occupant app with integral desk booking and auto check-in ensures improved occupant experience and enhanced productivity

A simple way to avoid building control and maintenance becoming siloed and disconnected

An integrated solution to save building owners time, money and resources

In short, SenseIQ creates hard commercial and UX benefits, without any worries about technical or complex installation issues, and provides a clear path to genuine and rapid ROI.

Scalable smart buildings

Smart technology is central to how we work and how occupants use workspaces. Smart features contribute directly to their comfort, safety, productivity, and overall satisfaction. For building owners looking for technology to meet their occupants wide-ranging needs, deciding which features to invest in can be a balancing act.

That’s why one of the key features of SenseIQ is its scalability. It’s sophisticated enough to provide a cost-per-desk breakdown of energy usage in any given area. And yet, a layperson can easily navigate the dashboard and gain immense insight into how the building is performing, in real-time. SenseIQ is entirely scalable, offering as much or as little detail as needed.

Data Transport

This is managed via the enterprise LAN or cellular backhaul to the cloud

Data Capture

SenseIQ features a range of multi-sensors that capture occupancy, environmental and energy consumption data

Data Storage & Analytics

All data is processed and analysed in the cloud

Data Consolidation

A wireless gateway gathers the sensor data before the backhaul network transports it to the cloud

Data Visualisation

A cloud-based software platform visualises data analytics in real time via a custom dashboard

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